I wish...

i wish that i could be your angle..
who will take care of you..be with you in good or bad..
but i couldn't

i always wanted to be with you.. 

even when everybody seems to avoid you..
i will always protect you.. 

even when everybody seems to put the blame on you.. 

i will always pray for you.. 
even in my dream..
i am always hoping that i can be with you.. 

and i am always hoping that i'm the one who place in your heart.. 
but i couldn't..

 i don't want to walk away from your life.. 
but again..watching you getting far away from me, is too much hurting me..
i don't want to say goodbye.. 

but again..i don't bear to be treated as an outsiders..

i don't even dare to say that i love you..
because I'm afraid that i have to let you go..

i am afraid to say that i miss you anymore..
because i know that i wouldn't get the same answer..

my dearest blog..where would i go..who would i see..
to help me...telling him that i miss him so much.

i want a love that wouldn't dissapear..no matter what happen..
but i know..people change..the world change..but why the love changes too?

i don't want a love like a rainbow..because how lovely it is..at last,it will dissapear..

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