Bila Nak Berubah NI???

Wake up n the morning i found that....I've got nightmare last night..Saki baki selesema yang tak habis lagi..few pimples tiba-tiba menyerbu mcm cendawan tumbuh..tension? what for...

But seems that i cannot remember what it really is..
Having a lil fight with Mr.X is my weakness..the only one.Hate it so much...

Today i'm going to finish up all my assignment! i wish
I don't wish to repeat any paper for the next semester.
Lets review for what assignment i've done and still in the progress. Jangan buat muka terkejut pulak aku speaking.

To be done:

                                                                                                                               DUE DATE                
1. Research Methods (Chapter 2 & 3)                  (IN PROGRESS)                   at least next week     
2. HRM Case Study & Company                           (NOT START YET)                     next week        
3. Project Management (Proposal for Spa)        (IN PROGRESS)                                   -                         
4. IBM-international company                                (IN PROGRESS)                           5/4/11                     
5. Telco-Report MAMPU                                         (IN PROGRESS)                          12/4/11               
6. Mandarin-Video                                                    (NOT START YET)                             -                   
7. CTU-Report                                                          (DONE)                                      1/4/11 (kot..hihihi) 

what have been done? semua tu adalah group project.
Not much satisfying right..?

I'm going to settle the chapter 2 for the research first and then move on to the HRM Case Study..
Kenape mesti research dulu? well,my supervisor asked me last week..but what happen? i'm too bz..busy! busy! busy with my sleeping beauty. hahaha

Don't want to waste my time spending on the bed for the whole holiday.
Really annoying..hahaha..hey! i'm the queen of sleep..nothing to be proud la dear...

Ok fine..i said that i want to start my assignment but then i'm keep myself busy updating my blog. watdehel....opss...hahahha


... said...

as salam..

oh~ belajar lagi ke ni?
sabar je la~

biasa la~ adat kerja/belajar~

imagination vs. reality:

1 luv learning (imagination)

working hard,homework(imagination)
hardly working, facebook(reality)



kod panggilan yang perlu korang tau kalau ke amerika.

nak kongsikan :

internet lambat dan selalu disconnect, sila rujuk sini

YuuKi IcHiRoU said...


YuuKi IcHiRoU said...

sweet..tkun2 wt koje..jgn men2..haha

rin0x_adz said...

yuuki : hehehe tengah start tekun la ni..sabo je la..haha

... : ape name ek? huhu..adat la kan..hehe..nnt dah free from study keje plak..

YuuKi IcHiRoU said...

sweet..hehe..sabo ea..chaiyok2..=D